American Rap and Hip Hop artist Gabriel Ayala, known by his stage name “Gone Gr3y” brings his dynamics and flair to the forefront of his music career. With numerous tracks under his belt, Ayala made his mark in the music world in 2018, with the release of his debut single entitled “Psycho”. Dedicated, driven and confident, Ayala’s coalescent mix of ambience, upbeat rhythms and cheeky hooks embellishes his artistry, as his emotive lyrical themes of life experiences, bridges a deep connection with every listener. Dropping a slew of singles each month since his debut release including songs like “Baby Girl”, “Dancing With The Devil” and “Transparent”, he continues to attract a growing fandom.


Influenced by artists such as Jay-Z, Drake, Tory Lanez, Post Malone, and G-Herbo among many others, and inspired by the melodic sound of Michael Jackson, he crafted his brand and signature sound. Developing and refining his skills and talents over the years, his undying passion for music ignited his impeccable songwriting and composing abilities from the age of 15 in Yonkers, NY. From giving a notable New Year’s Eve performance in 2018 at The Highwater, to hosting his own Instagram freestyle series called “#turnuptuesday”, this Bronx based rapper has in the works a Mini EP which is set to be released as a short film.


Building on the momentum, Ayala’s sonic creative expressions and style constantly evolves as his “sky’s the limit” attitude propels him to success. With much more in store for the future, Ayala is currently collaborating with fellow artist The White and a slew of other artists for his upcoming mixtape titled “LULz” which is set to drop summer 2019. With a fervent drive and a focused mindset, Gone Gr3y takes each stride in flawless fashion as he nears toward the pinnacle of his music career.